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  • Pal-A 3 Axis
  • Pal-A SCARA
  • Pal-A 6 Axis
  • Pal-A Cylindrical SCARA
  • Gearbox (Speed Reducer)
    - Elacloid Drive® Gearbox Technology
  • Motion Control
    - Motion Control Technology
  • MINT Factory
    - A solution to build smart factory combining IoT technology with Pal series
  • Customizing Service
    - Robot and automation system development solution which is met user’s requirements
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    - Download product manuals and technical materials
  • FAQ
    - Product use and technical inquiry
  • Product Usage
    - Guide to basic usage
You can find technical and product usage questions here or ask questions.

Q. What is the speed of digital IO operation of MEP-PI?

A. Our MEP-Pi supports 8 digital IO inputs and 8 digital IO outputs. The controller internally scans 8 IO inputs at 100 Hz and controls 8 IO outputs at 100Hz. Thus, users can have up to 10 ms delay time when controlling or reading IO.

Q. What is the maximum RS485 communication speed for MEP-PI?

Q. In the Pal series, can user connect multiple devices to the motion controller and control robots?

Q. Can user also use the robot in ROS?

Q. In the pal series, do I have to set the tool correctly?

Q. Is there any cautions when teaching robot?

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