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  • Pal-A 3 Axis
  • Pal-A SCARA
  • Pal-A 6 Axis
  • Pal-A Cylindrical SCARA
  • Gearbox (Speed Reducer)
    - Elacloid Drive® Gearbox Technology
  • Motion Control
    - Motion Control Technology
  • MINT Factory
    - A solution to build smart factory combining IoT technology with Pal series
  • Customizing Service
    - Robot and automation system development solution which is met user’s requirements
  • Download Center
    - Download product manuals and technical materials
  • FAQ
    - Product use and technical inquiry
  • Product Usage
    - Guide to basic usage
MINTROBOT is a South Korean robot manufacturer that makes completed robots based on its own core parts technology. We are at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution based on convergence technology in various specialized fields, and based on these experiences, we are creating a company that everyone can develop and grow.
  • Manufacturing Technology Team
    Development of mechanical design and analysis technologies
    Development of precision machining and productivity increase technologies
    Development of assembly and quality evaluation technologies
    Pilot production and production processes management
    Product quality control
  • Control Technology Team
    Development of motion control algorithm and software
    Development of system software ware
    Design and manufacturing of electric and electronic hardware components
    Development of UI/UX application software
    Development of robot applied application software
  • Sales Marketing Team
    Domestic and overseas sales Customer Technical support service
    Branding and marketing strategy planning
    Production of on/offline promotional contents
  • Management Team
    Accounting management
    Financial management
    HR management
    Business support